A database linking taxonomic names to their original descriptions, to taxa, and to phylogenies. See for background, and About for credits)

Recent additions

Taxonomic names

The core of BioNames are the over 4 million animal names listed by the ION database. BioNames enhances these by linking (wherever possible) to the original description, so you can see the evidence for a name.


BioNames includes hundreds of thousands of publications, many linked to online literature using DOIs or other identifiers. Many open access articles from archives such as BioStor can be read directly in BioNames.


BioNames includes phylogenies from the PhyLoTA project. These have been enhanced with colour-coding, and links to supporting publications. Great for exploring "dark taxa".


See visualisations of BioNames data, such as the relative importance of different publishers of taxonomic literature, both commerical and open access repositories.